Week 15 – Artist Conversation – Ally Richardson

Artist: Ally Richardson and others
Media: Bobby pins and etc.
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Ally Richardson is a senior student at CSULB who is currently pursuing an art degree. She is passionate about making unique bobby pins and loves cherry blossoms. This week the College of the Arts used the art exhibitions for sales. In Richardson’s case, she sold her art, the bobby pins, and manned the sales at the Merlino Gallery.

Upon walking into Merlino Gallery, I was amazed by the numerous pieces of art and their different styles. In one room, we have art from many different people from many different backgrounds and skill-sets. In one room, we have unique jewelry, such as bobbypins, rugs, and pottery. It was as if I was being bombarded by the art of different backgrounds at the same time, much as if I had walked into an art gallery that consisted of multiple people. The experience really contrasted with the exhibitions of the weeks previous, where each exhibition was about one single person.

The pottery in the room gave a feeling of mixing antiquity and the modern times of today. The art styles and techniques used today seemed to mix with that of centuries before. Although the ideas and techniques have changed, the medium for presenting art has not. For the paintings, such as that of the people standing back to back, the rusty color and the rough texture seemed to present a strong message. I personally saw a rough relationship between the two being conveyed through the details of the frame.

Overall, it was amazing to see all the art pieces of many different people in such a small area. In the four galleries, there was bound to be the art of more than 15 artists. We were presented with many different mediums, such as pottery, metal, and fiber. Additionally, we were hit with many different messages. In our old exhibitions, we would often have one exhibition by one artist with one uniform message.




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