Week 15 – Activity – Finger Painting

This week, were were given the activity of finger painting. Having not bought the art kit, I had used my own paint which I had lying at home, which may have changed the experience I had. The paint that the art store gave was for finger painting, which I imagine would have a smoother texture than acrylic paint. As simple as it seems, there was much more to it than I had thought. The texture and mixing of color really presented itself with an insightful experience.

For this activity, I used three different acrylic paints, printer paper as a canvas, and some good ol’ Vietnamese newspaper to protect my floor from the paint. I first began by pouring some red paint on one side and blue paint on the other side. After mixing the paints together with my fingers, I sprinkled some white paint around then mixed once again. In the end, the paints were not evenly mixed, which I feel is better artistically than a conglomeration of just these three colors.

On the left I have mostly red and on the right I have mostly blue. The two colors intrude on each other’s space, lending itself to the feeling on a struggle between two sides. In the middle and all throughout the finger paint, the white paint connects and separates the two as it zooms all around. Meanwhile doing the activity, the way the paint ran through my fingers eased my mind. Tired of studying for finals, the silkiness of the paint was relaxing. Being able to work automatically, without thinking allowed me to release the tension within my mind.




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