Week 14 – Photo 2 – Instagram

Instagram is amazing in how it connects us all and our lives through images and videos. We have a network of friends which connects on to other group of friends on and on, connecting us with people who we never would have met in our own lives. We can also tag pictures with hashtags to group pictures from people all over the world. It’s a platform for expression, whether it be sharing your appreciation for your bestie or bragging how tasty your food looks. We talk about our lives when we post pictures and talk about topics when we share tags with other people.

For our class, we were told to tag #art110f16 on all our posts and look through the pictures posted. My pictures were of food, friends, and sights, whatever I saw that looked interesting as I went about my life. Other people seemed to similar post things on the tag. They tagged whatever they felt described their life. Most looked interesting, but did not make it seem like the other person lived a much more adventurous and exciting life than the rest of us. We all go through our lives with our pets, hobbies and friends. We’re not much different from each other, leading to a sense of community. We are all students in CSULB and under the skin with makes us all look different, we are all similar. As students in Art 110, we can find many similarities between our lives and others. For example, I saw  that Jasmine Mejia had three dogs, just like me.


Better yet, she had two big dogs and one small dog also! #art110f16 certainly did feel like a community, having many qualities that all of us share.


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