Week 9 – Classmate Conversation – Sage Garver

Artist: Sage Garver
Exhibition: BIO
Media: Metal Chains, Light Bulb, Plaster

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Sage Garver is an art student at CSULB who is currently pursing a degree in the Sculpture Program. Garver, growing up, experienced many illnesses that disrupted her from the world. Sickly from losing control over her body to diseases and other manifestations, she channeled her anger into her art by using qualities relating to her sicknesses as baselines for her art.

The exhibition is well lit with a centerpiece that illuminates the whole room. The light consists of a light bulb covered in iridescent shells. The walls are purely white with protrusions that resemble many different round shapes. These shapes relate to viruses, pathogens, and organs. The room is filled with much empty space only the boundaries of the wall contain anything noticeable.

The way the sculptures are integrated into the walls of the gallery work to stimulate our senses. The way the sculpture protrudes from the wall influences our sense of touch. The whiteness of it all emphasizes the our senses. There seems to be a lack of tranquility through the way the protrusions disrupt the order of the wall. This disorder relates to the way our health is jeopardized by irregularities such as viruses. Our system and immune system is in dismay just like the wall. In order to get back to working condition and feel healthy, our body has to get rid of all the viruses, the protrusions, to revert itself to a stable, smooth state.

Any one of us can see how Garver’s painting relates to our bodies. We have all gotten sick at one point in our life. We have experienced what it is like to have impurities in our body and how our body struggles to cleanse itself. When we have irregularities, the bumps on our immune system, our body does not feel the best. Our bodies are in a state of chaos as it fights to rid itself of these bumps. From then until we get back to a clean slate, we go through illnesses and conditions the same way Garver does. We can understand her frustration when empathize with our past experiences being sick. In the end, our struggle versus pathogens is an inevitable and frustrating battle.


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