Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Kyle Kruse

Artist: Kyle Kruse
Exhibition: Janus Maxim
Media: Leather, Ceramic, Television

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Kyle Kruse is an art student at CSULB who is currently pursing a degree in printmaking. Originally a physics major, he switched to printmaking after being unsatisfied. He claimed that his old major was basically regurgitating learned information whereas his major today allows how to think and utilize the information learned. After CSULB, Kruse is looking to attend graduate school in the hopes of teaching art in a collegiate atmosphere.

Upon entering the exhibition, I was greeted by the still darkness with two sources of light, the right side, and the left side. On the left were three sculptures donning eerie masks seated on pedestals and three woodblock carvings hanging on walls. On the left were three televisions, each displaying a different film of fire and pottery.  The exhibition predominantly consists of red and orange much like a fire.

Janus Maxim represents our memories, reality, and the void in between. We are in the space in between the past and the future. Kruse utilizes his exhibition along with mythology is commentate on the state of our reality. The statues and carvings are of the past and have individual meanings. For example, Kruse alludes to the myth of Prometheus to represent the birth of civilization. Each piece has it’s individual meaning that come together to reflect upon our civilization.

I believe that Kruse’s pieces of work reflect how our society has progressed over centuries. In the past, people looked toward mythological figures to explain the rise and falls on humanity. There were stories associated with each person. Even today, where we do not rely on mythology, much of the stories and morals that were told still hold today. Although time changes, the morals from the past are retold, staying eternal. Furthermore, when we look toward the past, we can see how much we have changed over time. The placement of items and the progression of time help to facilitate that through their chronological order.


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