Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Nkechi Okoroma

I’ve actually known Nkechi for since the beginning of the class and the week we are finally doing a classmate conversation together. For the first project, the plaster project, we collaborated together and have been working with each other in this class ever since. She is a food science major who switched over from microbiology. When I first met her in class, she described herself as shy, however I really don’t see that in her. She’s a very open person and very fun to be around. You can find her at her website: https://nkechiokoroma.wordpress.com/.


Our stance on the question of the day was very similar. We personally felt that as a public figure whose image is commercialized through the media, the person had the right to use her image in the art piece. Her image is publicly available and the actions someone does with it, as long as he or she does not monetize it, is acceptable. There are many political cartoons of Trump, altering his image and conveying him how the artist wants. Why should it be any different for Demi Lovato? She and Trump have their images put out through media and much more. Of course there would backlash from people who are protective of her image, however that image does not belong to them and no longer belongs to the Lovato. By agreeing to show up on TV shows and becoming a musician, her image is not solely hers anymore. Thus, although she may not approve of it, she has no recourse.


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