Week 8 – Drawing #2 – Sketching in the Garden

This week, we went out to the Japanese Garden out near the hillside dorms. My girlfriend and many of my friends from the group that I hang out with had gone there and I pretty much was the only one that hadn’t seen it yet. I heard many good things about it and I really didn’t know what to expect. Upon seeing it though, I am really pleased to comment on how peaceful and in touch with nature the garden is. The koi fish in the pond, the rocks, and the bridges reminded me a lot of my Asian culture. Being able to sit down and just partake in the view and the atmosphere really helped a lot when I drew my sketch. A calm peace of mind is what I find most important for tasks like these. So having found zen, I went to work on my sketch.


So my sketch primarily focused on the center of the garden, which is found by the rocks. I drew things which I acknowledged and noticed meanwhile sitting down on the rock. The outline of the pond along with its shape, the bridges, the tree on the left, the ducks, and the fish. I tried my best to drew a duck that actually looked like a duck just mindlessly swimming in the pond. ONLY TO BE STARTLED BY JAWS AND ANOTHER SHARK. I couldn’t see the bottom of the pond, so I used my imagination to have fun with the sketch. Having the ability to make the sketch mine and play around with the concept and idea of garden really helped out in keeping me interested in sketching.


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