Week 8 – Classmate Conversation

Daniel Martinez is a 2nd year student at CSULB who is currently pursuing a Civil Engineering degree with a focus on transportation. He and I have similar views, seeing as how we are both engineers, for art. When we think of art, we think of sketches, designs, and structures associated with our field. For me that would be airplanes, rockets, and formula one cars whereas for Daniel it would be buildings and their architecture, such as buildings in New York, Dubai, and the Collosseum. When I asked him if he would mind his child pursuing art, he had no qualms against to idea. However, he did mention he doesn’t know how the child would get his artistic flair since no one in his family is artisitc. Lastly, when I checked through his phone, he didn’t seem to share any applications with me. But that was mostly because I am very low-key in social media, having very little social media apps whereas Daniel has quite a bunch.



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