Week 6 – Activity – Flip Book

This week’s activity was a choice between either the flip book or the zine. I personally chose the flip book because I figured my lack of art skills would allow me enjoy doing the flip book more. Also a flip book allows people to show movement, which adds a totally different dimension for us to play with. That’s not to say that a zine is boring, it still holds a ton of potential although I don’t think I could pull from since I’m not very artistic. For a flip book, I could do something simple and doable meanwhile keeping it interesting. Before starting my flip book, I had several ideas pop into my head such as someone moving his arms and flexing, an airplane taking off, and a car driving by. However, feeling limited by my art skills once again, I tried to make something that I could manage while adding my own personal touch and taste into it.

To put my own spin into my flip book, I wanted to do something characteristic of my major, which is Aerospace Engineering, such as a plane taking off. However I instead dumbed it down to a bird taking a shit at just the right time, which ends with the bird shit landing into a cup underneath. Initially I wanted to draw a kid eating ice cream and the bird shit landing on to the ice cream as the kid eats it. But alas, once again I was too intimidated by my lack of art skills. The shit flying through the air takes a path of a parabola due to gravity and friction in the air, lending itself to physics. The hardest part in doing the flipbook was creating the parabola. Instead of moving in one direction, the drops of bird shit move in two. And better yet one direction accelerates, moving faster over time. In order to illustrate this, I drew my next paper on top of the last, trying to simulate a parabola. To be honest the parabola doesn’t look very great, but at least it’s something.


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