My Happy Place on Pen Island (Week 4 – Activity – Automatic Drawing)

Once we stop thinking, we allow our minds to drift off into space. This space is not empty space, but rather our happy place. The absence of our consciousness brings us to a place that helps us to relax. In that place, our minds move much like oceans. We cannot prevent the waves of thought, however when we stop thinking about it and lose focus, we find ourselves in a state of blissful meditation. When we finally transfer ourselves into this zone, we allow nature to take its course. We let our bodies take control and drag us out of the stressful lives we live in. When we finally return, we come back refreshed and ready to live on more, with an awakened state of mind.





Earlier today, my girlfriend and I managed to find our happy place meanwhile doing this project.  As we grabbed the pen and  other exhaled our breaths deeply, we managed to find ourselves in a blissfully mindless zone. For now I will name that place Pen Island, after the various pens and colors of pens we used. Pen Island was our happy place and a place where we managed to escape from the stresses of life for the few moments. We constantly talked about finding our inner Zen and finding our inner self, or as we called it, our inner hippy. On Pen Island, the subconscious waves from our ocean metaphor now took the form through our pen strokes. Our grip was firm but gentle, lest we choke the pen and not allow it to perform its purpose. When we finally fell into a relaxed state of consciousness, we felt the pen move by itself. On Pen Island, the pen controls you, not the other way around. You are not a victim to the pen, but a willing participant. Feeling the necessity for even more pens, we added two other pens to create a pen fest. Our pens moved in unison and the moment we decided to stop, the pen stops moving. After much gentle stroking on our visit to Pen Island, we were left with this.


In the end, our visit to Pen Island left us satisfied. By playing with our pens, we had felt a special connection. We enjoyed ourselves a lot and felt a wonderful bliss that one only achieves by feeling good. Alas our visit to Pen Island was finally over. We felt that it ended prematurely and wished it lasted even longer. We were left in an awakened state of mind having experienced an escape from our stressful lives of studying.






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