Week 3 – Artist Conversation – Jessica Obrique

This is Jessica Obrique,


and you can find her @ http://www.jessicaobrique.com/art110/

She is a computer science major who is passionate about designing websites. For the question of the day, about what art influenced us the most, we both agreed that it was music. Music is a form of art where, just like paintings, expresses one’s feelings. We take in the feelings and thoughts of the artists we listen to and it affects us and changes us. We can sympathize with how others feel through music and it can create a certain culture based around that music. Additonally, some people become known for their music tastes to the point where it affects their identity. They identify with the music. It becomes a part of them and affects who they are. For Jessica’s case, she loves to listen to R&B (Rhythm and Blues) and J-pop. They both influence who she is has had a lasting  effect on her. They affect the way that she feels, her mood, and her style. R&B sets her mood while J-pop has influenced how she dresses.

While Jessica’s music has affected her on the surface, I feel like music has affected me internally. I am a death metal-head and I find it difficult and sometimes unbearable to listen to other people’s music. I feel a mental disconnect with people and society around me through this. That’s not to say that my choice in music has made me anti-social. I can still relate to other people in other topics, but just not music. I accept that everyone has different tastes and that my music genre is one this is very niche and have long come into terms with it. I just find it difficult to talk about music with other people since they can’t relate to what I listen to. Music serves as part of someone’s identity and it can help to bring people together meanwhile segregating others.  So if you’re talking to me, you might want to skip talking about music., that is, unless you want to talk about metal.


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