Week 2 – Classmate Conversation – Alyssa Bui




This is Alyssa Bui,


and you can find her @ https://lolyssblog.wordpress.com/


She is a health sciences major who plans on switching her major to kinesiology. She is outdoorsy and loves to be outside, especially at the beach. For the question of the day, about if art is still relevant and important today, we both agreed and said “yes.” To us art is essential and we can’t go without it. Alyssa claimed that art is a necessary as a way for us to express ourselves. I completely agreed with her and I had a lot to add on! Art is just as important as our words for expressing our thoughts. We express ourselves mentally through art. If you wanted to oppose the election of Trump, you could of course oppose it verbally and through writing, but political art may have just the same impact. It allows us to deliver messages or express ourselves in a unique way. Without art, we can’t truly be human.

While Alyssa’s standpoint had to do with expression, my thoughts were more on a business and practical standpoint. Most things that we use around us have some form on art in it. The buildings around CSULB, the iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones we stuff in our pockets, and the cars we drive need art to sell. Without art, we would all have the same items. That’s not to say that life is all about material possessions, but the ability to have a variety of things within our life is absolutely essential. Art sells, whether it is a painting or your garage door and we absolutely need it in our lives, especially in the commercial economy we have today.


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