Week 2 – Activity – Landscapes with a Corpse

I believe that mostly everyone has thought about how they will eventually kick the bucket. This includes the way they die, how young they die, how it feels to die, and a plethora of other questions with no answers. With life comes with death, which is inevitable. This one of the reasons why we think of death so much and why it is so interesting! The artist Izima Kaoru uses the intrigue surrounding death to create masterpieces that explore those thoughts. Kaoru utilizes the setting and details within the photo to allow the viewer to create a mental image of how the person died. For example,  in this photo by Kaoru,


we could mentally create her story. Since the photo appears to be taken in a place of gambling and the person in the photo wears Gianni Versace, we think may think that wealth and greed may have contributed to her death.

As a project, we applied this idea ourselves, taking a picture of how we picture our own death would be. One of my hobbies, a passion, is road cycling. Road cycling is a terrific and exciting sport, but with it comes dangers. You are biking on the road at around 20 MPH max with cars speeding past you at 70 MPH. You may be cycling in the bike lane and someone opens his or her car door into your face. You’re vulnerable and your life is in the hands of other people. At any point, someone’s mistake can easily end your life. When I cycle in the streets today, thinking about my death isn’t unfamiliar to me. I’ve thought about it before and I’ve acknowledged the risks. If I’m going to hell (or heaven) it’s because I was hit while cycling.




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