My Third Foot

I’ll let you guys in on a story about how I got my third foot. Yes. My third foot. So today, Nkechi and I went to Seal Beach to do our project together. We had met in class earlier Wednesday and decided to team up. Since I was in Orange County and she was in LA County, we had decided to meet up at school first instead of the beach. Neither of us had bought the art kit, so we decided to use our own products. This led to me driving from my friend’s house to Home Depot only to realize I forgot my wallet in his house (thank goodness I didn’t get pulled over). Flash forward a while later until 12:50, I had made Nkechi wait at Long Beach for about 30 minutes, which I felt terrible about. She didn’t mind but I couldn’t help but feel sorry. Now to Seal Beach!

The great thing about Seal Beach was the free parking right off the beach. After a half minute walk, we were already at the sand! Once we got closer to the beach we set up shop and went shoveling away.



In goes the foot



We molded our feet in the sand and mixed a super crude 2 plaster – 1 water ratio. I had forgotten to bring a stirring stick, but that’s what an arm is for am I right? 🙂 After a not so careful pour, the mold hole looked like this:


With 30 minutes, Nkechi and I got to talking. Our inspirations, our laziness, our faults, our successes – we learned a lot about each other. To date, she’s the only Nigerian person who I’ve gotten to know and I’m the first Vietnamese person she’s gotten to know. She was a great person to talk to and I hope I was the same for her. Before you knew it, the 30 minutes passed by quickly. And out comes my third foot.



Well, about 3/4ths of it. We had overestimated how much plaster four pounds was and I wanted Nkechi to have most of it. Because of that, I couldn’t get my ankles. So there you have it, my extra 3rd (3/4ths) foot!


Just a heads up, some tips that I would recommend are to slowly build up the mold of your foot or hand. I did it really quickly and I think that’s why my foot didn’t have visible toes. I also tried to be careful removing my foot but it didn’t happen as well as I wanted. Lastly, if you’re going to share cartons, do one foot and one hand. Or you can do three hands, however many peeps you’ve got.



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